1. Use Fake Lashes or Get an Eyelash Extension

Fake lashes make your eyes look bright, open and captivating, especially on photos! You can choose from our wide selections of lashes ranging from super natural soft lashes to super bold glam lashes.

2. Waterproof Makeup

If you might be crying on your wedding day, use waterproof mascara. We also offer airbrush foundation which is long lasting and tear/sweat resistant especially for oily or combination skin. Also use a makeup setting spray after your makeup is finished.

3. Use clip-on hair extensions for more volume (unless you have A LOT of hair)

Many brides love the full voluminous hairdos seen everywhere on Pinterest, but unfortunately they have finer or shorter hair that doesn’t hold curls well. Clip-on hair extensions is the most affordable and convenient solution to achieve that voluminous Pinterest-worthy hairdo.

I recommend getting 100% real human hair extensions that match your desired hair color! Bring them along to your hair trial and we can help you apply and curl them!

Is this helpful? Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your wedding day hair/makeup. I’ll be happy to help!