Bride-to-be’s have been telling me,

“I wish I met you earlier… Before meeting you, I did trials with a few different hair/makeup artists and didn’t like any of them.”

They meet me. My artists and I do our magic. They stop looking for another hair/makeup artist.

Wanna know how and why?

I’m spilling the beans here:

1. My bride does her HOMEWORK prior to her trial

Knowing what you want is winning half the game.

Bring pictures of hair/makeup styles you’d like to try to trial. Gather them in a folder/album so you don’t have to shuffle through thousands of pictures to find that one pic you saved a few months ago!

Bring a picture from other occasions or previous trial (if any) and point out what exactly you didn’t like so we can avoid them. It’d also be helpful to show a picture of your usual makeup look.

Also, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your face and lips, and groom your brows as this will give us the perfect canvas for smooth makeup application.

Come with clean fresh hair (one-day-old hair is fine too). Bring along your hair accessories/ barrettes and clip-on hair extensions if any.


2. We ask the right SPECIFIC questions 

At the trial, we’d ask “What do you like about each picture you shared?” Which element in this pic would you like me to implement on you? What are the big no-no’s for you?

A fully prepared bride-to-be answers these questions with confidence.

We will walk through each picture you share and have you point out specific elements from each pic to implement on you. If you could articulate well what you’d like to see in the end, we will take care of the process for you!


3. We actually LISTEN

We zip my mouth and let the bride share her heart. We take notes, repeat what I understand back to her, and get a nod from her.


4. We lay it all out and tell you what’s coming

Brides who don’t usually wear lots of makeup should know this:

That online picture with a natural-looking bride? If you were to see her in person, her makeup will look heavier than in the picture.

Why? Camera lightings and natural light take away some color and depth from faces on photos. To get a flawless makeup look on photos, you might need a little more makeup  than your everyday look.

What do all the super full voluminous hairdos you see on Pinterest have in common? Yup, clip-in hair extensions! This is the tried-and-true secret for adding length and lots of volume to your hair!

If you have fine, straight or short hair, you’re not alone! So many of our brides incorporate clip-in hair extensions into their bridal hairdos!

Tip #1 – Stick with 100% real human hair for clip-in extensions

Tip #2 – Match to your natural hair color or desired hair color after highlights. You can match color in store or order color swatches online.

Tip #3 – Find hair extensions with same or more length than your hair

Finally bring your clip-in hair extensions to the trial!



You’d hear us saying this – “I want your honest feedback at the end. If you don’t like something, tell me right away!”

We mean it. We offer unlimited tweaks within the scheduled trial time until you’re 100% happy with the results.

Even if you already loved the look, there’s no shame in asking “how can we take this look from a 8 to a 10?”

The same process works for your bridal party on your wedding day too! 


Now that you know the reasons behind all the raving reviews, we’re so excited to see you and bring the bridal looks you visualized into reality!

Have any questions for us? Or ready to lock in your wedding date with us? Go ahead and schedule a bridal consultation call with us here!